Ieschure - The Shadow

by Iron Bonehead Productions

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Sam v
Sam v thumbnail
Sam v well, this sure made my day less sunny. this is a good start for a first release, dark, doom and depressive. suffering from maybe some mixing, mastering and playing quality on some songs...but it sure as hell makes up in the vocal department. reminds me of early opera ix mixed with a banshee, sprinkled with a load of pain and some razor blades. I look forward to what's to come, this woman is talented for sure. Favorite track: What Waits In The End.
Sayan thumbnail
Sayan Absolute tour de force Favorite track: Mystic Schizophrenia.
Schtroumpf Grognon
Schtroumpf Grognon thumbnail
Schtroumpf Grognon Really great album, such a beautiful mood, such a job on the atmosphere ! Can't stop launching it when I see it in my music folder ! I hope there will be more from Ieschure ! Favorite track: What Waits In The End.
Casper Gjede Jansen
Casper Gjede Jansen thumbnail
Casper Gjede Jansen I love this album! This has the perfect match of gloomy female vocal and the painful screams like early Burzum. This is depressive black metal that has been added anger, fear, despair and a handful of broken glass. Terrific album! Favorite track: What Waits In The End.
Chaos Storm
Chaos Storm thumbnail
Chaos Storm Promising start. Lots of pain and agony here. While I’m not a connoisseur of black metal by any means (so I’m prepared to be wrong with my comparison), musically this reminds me of classic period Burzum (especially in the harsh vocal department, where she sounds like a female version of Varg). The music is atmospheric and the vocals are a mix of pained shrieks and clean singing, which help give this a strong, emotional charge. I’m interested in seeing where this project goes. So far, I like it. Favorite track: What Waits In The End.
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IRON BONEHEAD PRODUCTIONS is proud to present IESCHURE's highly anticipated debut album, The Shadow, on CD and vinyl LP formats.

IESCHURE is a one-woman black metal formation from Rivne, Ukraine, founded by Lilita Arndt in early 2016. With lyrical themes solely focused on occultism, witchcraft, and death, Arndt set to work on her first public recording, The Shadow, which was created during 2016-2017. Although seeing the light now, The Shadow is a melancholic and nostalgic work of pure black metal that could've been released 25 years ago.

Breathing a similar essence of the founding early '90s wave, IESCHURE conjures an immediately captivating spell of exquisite grimness and bitter majesty. In a seemingly time-stretching 34 minutes, The Shadow indeed approximates its title, wrapping its ethereal embrace around the spellbound listener with an utterly cryogenic splendor, never ceasing its hold nor relinquishing any joy. The soundfield may be distant and withered - and unapologetically raw, of course - but IESCHURE exudes a keen grasp of dynamics which allows every note (and the notes "between the notes") to ring out in the night sky with an eeriness all her own.

This is music for when the light has truly died and human life ceases to move; it is the reverberation of nocturnal existence, many and terrible its denizens. Will you enter The Shadow with IESCHURE?


released October 31, 2017


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Iron Bonehead Productions NRW, Germany

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