Runespell - Unhallowed Blood Oath

by Iron Bonehead Productions

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power78 thumbnail
power78 Traditional black metal at its finest, great compos and atmosphere, very immersive. Congrats, and the new album seems as great as this one Favorite track: Bloodlust & Vengeance.
FallenAngel thumbnail
FallenAngel Partaking in this journey is both a test and an honour. Best listened to alone, high and agressive.
Matthew Toye
Matthew Toye thumbnail
Matthew Toye Runespell's first full length contains some breathtaking Australian black metal. Nightwolf really captures that windswept, early Norwegian vibe with consummate skill. Favorite track: Oblivion Winds.
Adam Timbs
Adam Timbs thumbnail
Adam Timbs One of the most genuine, prolific Black Metal releases this year. Evokes Viking era Bathory in the clean passages and rages with the heathen nobility of early Satyricon. Allusions aside, Nightwolf weaves a collection of yearning tales all his own; his careful craftwork is obvious on every track. A fitful dream of grim, glorious days long gone. Fucking essential for 2017. Favorite track: White Death's Wings.
Ancient Cult
Ancient Cult thumbnail
Ancient Cult Love pretty much all the Nightwolf's projects. This is no exception. Epic Medieval Black Metal! Favorite track: Oblivion Winds.
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IRON BONEHEAD PRODUCTIONS is proud to present RUNESPELL's highly anticipated debut album, Unhallowed Blood Oath, on CD and vinyl LP formats. Hailing from the shit-hot true Australian black metal scene, RUNESPELL is the work of one Nightwolf, considered by those in the know to be arguably the busiest man in OZBM, maintaining as he does the equally prolific Eternum and Blood Stronghold. While bearing aesthetic similarities to those two bands - this is the purest, most mystical black metal after all - RUNESPELL is a majestic rumination on the mysteries of war and bloodshed, vengeance and valor, memory and destiny. Nightwolf handily accomplished that earlier this year with the debut demo Aeons of Ancient Blood, but now, once again in bloodpact with IRON BONEHEAD, RUNESPELL rises for its grandest strike in Unhallowed Blood Oath.

Maintaining the same exemplary standards in songwriting and execution, here on Unhallowed Blood Oath, the passion and prowess by which Nightwolf guides RUNESPELL have somehow multiplied tenfold. This is black metal deeply steeped in early '90s classicism, be it from Scandinavia or France or particularly Poland - again, no sea change there - but to take source material, especially the sort that's been so widely replicated year after year, and both handily challenge those classics AND resound like an era-relevant relic is no mean feat. In fact, it requires dedication and sacrifice - spiritually, above all, as well as physically - and those are in no short supply across Unhallowed Blood Oath; not for nothing is the album titled that. The seven tracks comprising the record feel strangely far more epic than the compact running-time of 37 minutes suggest, and yet within that mesmerizing maelstrom of alternately grim/gorgeous frequencies lies profound truths, flickering refractions of times distant and as yet lived, of black metal wielded as weapon, totem, and portal simultaneously.

Partake in RUNESPELL's Unhallowed Blood Oath or be banished: there is only one choice.


released September 13, 2017


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Iron Bonehead Productions NRW, Germany

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